Mind Blowing Criminal Behavior of a former SITTING President – UNACCEPTABLE — 1 Comment

  1. “To be clear, there does not seem to be any evidence, at least that I know of, to suggest that any surveillance or requests to conduct surveillance against then-candidate Donald Trump was done outside the FISA process.
    “Nevertheless, whether done inside or outside the FISA process, it would be a scandal of Watergate dimension if a presidential administration sought to conduct, or did conduct, national-security surveillance against the presidential candidate of the opposition party…
    “Moreover, it cannot be glossed over that, at [that] very time… the Obama Justice Department was also actively undermining and ultimately closing without charges the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton despite significant evidence of felony misconduct that threatened national security.”

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"Mind Blowing Criminal Behavior of a former SITTING President – UNACCEPTABLE" by @janverhoeff

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