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    • Thank you, Linda! So often I write something in reference to current events, and I try hard to stay on the “kind and gentle” side of who I am. This particular piece just required more impact. And I believe we are in trying times where impacting our world is required. Thank you for reading and sharing this piece.

  1. Wow… I saw that “Tale of Two Cities” post, and I just shook my head. I was moved to disgust. But this–is powerful.

    Thank you, Jan, for saying so much that the rest of us have been trying to put into words and communicate in the last few days.

  2. I would expect nothing less powerful from you my friend of many, many years….

    You make us proud…and your mother is watching and smiling!

  3. Rant from a military mom:

    I went back this morning and looked at my own FB page (something I very rarely do but felt led to do this morning), and it would appear that I’m angry. Well… The truth is… I am. I am angry that this country has become so divided when we are supposed to be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. I’m angry that some poor little rich guys think it’s OK to protest something by disrespecting God, who is the creator of their rights, and the military, who are responsible for defending their rights. If they want to exercise their rights, they need to find a way of doing so without spitting in the faces of those who have sacrificed so much to insure their rights, their liberties, their freedom. Without the God of the rights and the defenders of the rights, there would be no rights. I’m angry that patriots are now considered racists. I’m angry that the church as a whole does not take a bigger stand against evil. Against wrong. Right is wrong and wrong is right in this country. But we were warned of this, weren’t we?! It’s playing out right in front of us. And what are we doing about it? What are you going to do about it? I know what I’m going to do. First. I’m going to take a knee. But I’m going to take it before Almighty God and repent for not having a louder voice. I’m going to repent for any ungodly anger and ask Him how I am to proceed with accomplishing my part of His will. And, yes, I’m boycotting NFL and any other league that decides it’s OK to disrespect God and our Armed Forces and our LEOs. I’m praying for the players and their followers that they will come to the full knowledge of Christ. I’m praying that their hearts will soften and they will really know God. We ALL need to take a knee. But take it at the Cross.

    • I can’t imagine a military mom in the states that isn’t furious with the behavior of pro-athletes right now. Particularly with the Broncos, kneeling on foreign soil, as they did on Sunday. We have great reason to be furious with their behavior. Our sons and daughters lives are at stake, and so-called pro-athletes disrespect them on the world stage!!!! Not acceptable.

  4. Thank you! As the Proud Parent of a US Soldier for the past 16 years and still counting, thank you! I take offense at those who kneel for our anthem and flag!Protest on your own dime and not during MY anthem!

    • Well said, Arlene. I can’t believe there aren’t more who are posting the same comments. I know how upset it makes me that they’re doing this.

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